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“Creative and persuasive. Jerry can help you identify legal theories you may never have thought of-and how to develop them factually.”

Bill Smith, Abramson Smith Waldsmith

Appellate Court Services

The Law Office of Gerald Clausen offers a complete array of legal services at every stage of appellate litigation.

LOGC can help with making or opposing postjudgment motions, not only for the immediate purpose of attacking or preserving a judgment but also to assure as much as possible that the appellate record has been developed in a manner most advantageous to the client’s position on appeal.

LOGC can also assess the merits of the client’s position on appeal and provide an estimate of the cost of prosecuting or opposing an appeal or writ. A variety of fee arrangements for these services is available, ranging from straight hourly fees to flat fees to contingency fees in appropriate cases.

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